For internationals

Of course you can also join Pulze as an international student! Currently we have international members from South Africa and Germany, meaning that our rehearsals and other activities are in English. Aside from sharing your joy for singing with other motivated and musical people, singing at Pulze is a great opportunity to get to know Dutch people and travel around the Netherlands to our various concerts and rehearsal weekends twice a year. Because we are a student choir, all the members currently study or have studied. 

It is possible to join Pulze every year in September at the beginning of the academic year. You can attend one of our open rehearsals and then decide if you want to audition to also become a member of Pulze. If you cannot wait until next September send us a mail at and we can discuss the possibilities – for this academic year (2023-2024) our group is complete, we only have space for a high soprano.

As an ambitious choir we expect every member to have a good understanding of musicality, be in control of their own voice and be able to prepare their parts in a song on their own. You don’t have to be able to read sheet music though, as we usually have rehearsal files to prepare our songs. During the audition we are going to listen to the sound of your voice and rhythm. Additionally you have to prepare a ballade and an uptempo song that you can sing without instrumental accompaniment. 

Because we want to progress and continually improve as a choir it is important for us that every member of Pulze is dedicated to this as well. This means attending and being prepared for every rehearsal and concert. Our rehearsals take place every Thursday from 19:30h to 22:00h. The contribution for one season is for students €260 and for working people €380.

We are a student choir and association, this means that if you are not a student anymore you have to be younger than 25 at the time that you join Pulze. Don’t hesitate to mail us if you have any questions or want to join Pulze! We are looking forward to hearing from you.